What is equality diversity and rights essay

Explain the concepts of equality, diversity, and rights in relation to health and social careEquality and diversity is becoming more important in all aspects of our lives and work for a number of reasons:

What is equality diversity and rights essay

In regards to teaching this may mean: Making explicit to students the standards of conduct that you expect in the way that they interact and dealing promptly and appropriately with inappropriate behaviour.

Identifying opportunities within your teaching for students to work collaboratively in diverse groups. Devising creative and respectful ways of using the diverse experiences of students to add value to the learning experience for everyone.

Equality and Diversity Classroom Activities Is diversity included within your teaching methods? Do you make reference and use examples from a variety of cultures, religions and traditions?

Do you challenge stereotypes? Here are a few classroom activities and ideas that you can use and adapt to help promote multiculturalism in your school: You could try different foods, listen to music, play games, learn facts and watch videos.

Diversity rights and equality essay

Try and incorporate the theme into each area of the curriculum to reinforce the topic and maintain interest. Avoid resources where stereotypes are used. Make use of current news events Promote debate and discussion by raising current issues and seeing what your students understand about the situation.

For example, find a story where someone was fired for being too old — what do your students think about this?

What is equality diversity and rights essay

How would they challenge it? Quizzes Host weekly quizzes on a set theme and learn how much your students know about different cultures, religions, disabilities etc. You could even assign the task of writing the quiz to 2 students each week so that they are involved in doing the research.

What do they like or dislike about the foods? How is it different from what they normally have for dinner? Teach the students the reasons why certain foods are or are not eaten in certain countries. List things that come from abroad A quick activity you can do at the start of a lesson to introduce the theme of multiculturalism.

Ask your students to create a list of everything in their life that comes from a country outside of the UK. Go through their responses as a class — are they surprised by the results?

What is equality diversity and rights essay

Go through their answers as a class and see what stereotypes people have. Is it fair that these stereotypes exist? How would they suggest these stereotypes are challenged? Present the class with some facts about people with disabilities, another culture or based on the protected characteristics and ask them to decide whether the facts are true or false.

Are they surprised by the correct answers? Learn languages Teach your students a few words in French, Spanish, Afrikaans, Chinese etc to raise their awareness of language barriers around the world. If you have students in your class who speak another language, ask them to help.

What are the benefits of speaking more than one language? Hold debates and discussions Divide your class into 2 teams. Provide one team with a statement, e. This team must defend this statement. Ask the other team to give advice and challenge the statement.

How do both teams feel afterwards? Which team would they prefer to have been on and why?

Equality and diversity in education essays

Can your students put on a jumper with just one hand?Equality diversity and rights essays. Equality diversity and rights essays. 5 stars based on reviews benjaminpohle.com Essay.

Assef the kite runner essay conclusion self observation essay thesis essay about social networking advantages and disadvantages kellogg video essay due date remember the titans petey jones descriptive essay library of. Equality is the state of being equal in status, rights, and opportunities regardless of age, race, disability, sexuality or gender.

Equality is the idea of being the same in value or status as everybody else. Equality Diversity and Rights As a health and social care professional it is part of your role to understand the bases of discrimination and to make sure you don’t discriminate a individual in any sort of way as it can have a negative effect on the individual leading to further problems.

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The Equality Act provides to protect people who need protecting and provides legal rights. It protects all kinds of people regardless of their sex, race, disability, religion or their beliefs etc. Since this Act came out it is now unlawful to discriminate any individual, if so then there would be consequences.

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