Timeline of british crime films of

A sub-genre that is praised more through word of mouth rather than critical acclaim, British Crime films are often marked by their stylistic flourish, addictingly clever dialogue, manipulation of plot structure, bold use of violence and super catchy soundtracks. Because of their similarities to the post-modern genre-bending films of Quentin Tarantino and gangster films of Martin Scorsese, British Crime films are often dismissed rather than celebrated for the witty entertainment and unrestrained visceral experience that they offer. Below is a list that celebrates and rejoices 15 films that best display what the genre has to offer.

Timeline of british crime films of

History of Gangster Crime Films This is a timeline of the evolution of gangster crime films from the first known mafia film to to the most recent takes on gangster and mob crime.

Mob movies has their roots from silent films but was truly defined in the s. This era produced classics such as Little Caesar and Scarface and represented the genre in it's purest form.

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Most people in the Depression were able to identify with the anti-hero who worked hard to gain his way just to get it taken away from him. Many films implied that the criminals were the creation of society, evoke sympathy and admiration out of the viewer, who often will not place the blame on the criminal's shoulders, but rather a cruel society where success is difficult.

It received 3 Oscars and the success spawned the 2 sequels. Other films have paid homage to the trilogy or made direct and indirect references. It also starred Al Pacino but now as a more established star. It received 6 Academy Awards and is considered one of the greatest movies of all time.Timeline of British Crime Films of the 20th Century British Crime Films Of The 20th Century – WW1 (), Depression, Unemployment, men out in France Fighting.

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– A Burglar For one Night (Bert Haldane) Silent Film Deals with unemployment (A problem at the time) A man fired from his job, turns to crime but is ‘rescued’ by his lover. Pages in category "British crime films" The following pages are in this category, out of approximately total.

Timeline of british crime films of

This list may not reflect recent changes ().(previous page) (). If you enjoy a bit of English larceny in your films, you'll definitely appreciate this list of the best British crime movies, ranked by cinephiles like you.

London. Other great films on this list of British crime dramas are The Long Good Friday (featuring Pierce Brosnan in a very early role), Mona Lisa, and Layer Cake (in which Daniel Craig is very un-Bond-like).


The Chinese Puzzle was the first film released that could be categorised as a 'British Crime'. It is an adaptation of a book with the same name and is why it falls into the British Crime category.

Despite this the film doesn't involve many of the conventions we'd expect in a British Crime film today. But crime films did not seek anything like the literary cachet of establishment culture until the rise of film noir —atmospheric tales of heroes most often doomed by passion—named and analyzed by French journalists but produced in America throughout the decade beginning in

Timeline of british crime films of
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