Sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl stickers

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Sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl stickers

The legislature finds that: It is hereby declared as a matter of legislative determination that: As used in this act the following words or phrases are defined as follows: The Airport Authority of Lander County is hereby created.

The property and revenues of the authority, or any interest therein, are exempt from all state, county and municipal taxation. The authority must be governed by a board of trustees composed of seven persons who are residents of the designated district.

After the initial terms, the members must be elected for terms of 4 years. Within 60 days after the effective date of this act: Each member of the board shall file with the county clerk: No member of the board, during his term thereon, may have any financial interest in the aviation industry or be interested as a private purveyor in any contract or transaction with the board or the authority.

The board shall elect a chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer, who must be members of the board. The secretary and the treasurer may be one person. The terms of the officers expire on the date their successors are elected and qualified in the general election.

The secretary shall keep, in a well-bound book, a record of all of the proceedings of the board, minutes of all meetings, certificates, contracts, bonds given by employees, and all other acts of the board. The minute book and records must be open to the inspection of all interested persons, at all reasonable times and places.

The treasurer shall keep, in permanent records, strict and accurate accounts of all money received by and disbursed for and on behalf of the board and the authority.

The board shall meet regularly at a time and in a place to be designated by the board. Special meetings may be held as often as the needs of the board require, on notice to each board member.


A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting. Every motion and resolution of the board must be adopted by at least a majority of the members present and constituting the quorum at such meeting. The board shall adopt a seal.

The authority may do all things necessary to accomplish the purposes of this act. The authority may, by reason of example and not of limitation: Have perpetual succession and sue and be sued.

Plan, establish, acquire, construct, improve and operate an airport within Lander County. Acquire real or personal property or any interest therein by gift, lease or purchase for any of the purposes provided in this section, including the elimination, prevention or marking of airport hazards.

Sell, lease or otherwise dispose of any real property. Acquire real property or any interest therein in areas most affected by aircraft noise for the purpose of resale or lease thereof, subject to restrictions limiting its use to industrial or other purposes least affected by aircraft noise.

Enter into agreements with Lander County and Battle Mountain to acquire, by lease, gift, purchase or otherwise, any airport of the county or municipality and to operate the airport.

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Exercise the power of eminent domain and dominant eminent domain in the manner provided by law for the condemnation by a town of private property for public use to take any property necessary to the exercise of the powers granted, within the designated district in Lander County. Apply directly to the proper federal, state, county and municipal officials and agencies or to any other source, public or private, for loans, grants, guarantees or other financial assistance in aid of airports operated by it, and accept the same.

Study and recommend to the board of county commissioners of Lander County and the town council of Battle Mountain zoning changes in the area of any airport operated by the authority with respect to height and aviation obstructions in order to enable the authority to meet the requirements of any Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Have control of its airports with the right and duty to establish and charge fees, rentals, rates and other charges, and collect revenues therefrom, not inconsistent with the rights of the holders of its bonds, and enter into agreements with carriers for the payment of landing fees, rental rates and other charges.

Use in the performance of its functions the officers, agents, employees, services, facilities, records and equipment of Lander County or Battle Mountain, with the consent of the county or municipality and subject to such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon.

Enter upon such lands, waters or premises as in the judgment of the authority may be necessary for the purpose of making surveys, soundings, borings and examinations to accomplish any purpose authorized by this and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her.

sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl stickers

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