Sachet marketing

Bhakti Chuganee reports on their experiences. The breakfast menu varies from region to region and even between towns and villages. In India, which has a very strong vegetarian culture — and where eating beef and pork is proscribed by the Hindu and Islam faiths — Ronald McDonald has developed a menu with vegetarian selections in accordance with local tastes and culinary preferences. Additions to the menu are a regular feature.

Sachet marketing

But, is it actually a sustainable strategy for targeting BOP customers or just another way of expanding the customer base? The concept of sachets is no innovation introduced by the FMCG majors. It is actually a decades-old tactic whose genesis can be traced back to our good-old paan-masala walas.

The paan masala which used to come in small cylindrical containers was a hassle for many reasons—it was not user-friendly, the users had to dirty their hands while having it, etc.

The introduction of paan-masala in small packets what are now called sachets found a quick acceptance among users. It was more about convenience rather than price or size that got it such a huge following and made it an instant success. Affordability became the mantra of these sachets which were later on adapted by FMCG sectors in particular.

With maturing urban markets, the need to expand the rural base was very critical for companies to improve top- and bottom-lines. Sachet Strategy completely revolutionized the personal care products category. It then slowly crossed over to other products with Marico introducing their coconut oil Parachute in mini-packs.

Branded sachet market is estimated at about per cent of the annual packed tea market.

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Sachets can actually be considered to take a big leap towards transcending the boundaries of demographic customer segmentation. The likes of Lakme, Garnier products can today be used even by SEC D section as a once-in-a-while treat for special occasions—thanks to sachets. This strategy has another hidden agenda—to induce trials by the otherwise reluctant customers.

Sachet packets give the consumers this opportunity without any hassle of wastage or cost considerations. Sachets are moving beyond just personal care products, tea-bags or the low income group.

Sachet marketing

It is just customization for certain companies. Among cell-phone operators, Vodafone Essar Ltd was the first to sell ultra low-cost products when it launched micro top-up cards of Rs10 each for its prepaid customers.

They hope to reach a wider audience by offering customers more price flexibility through Sachet Pricing. Filipino Telco Smart, through its Smart Buddy System allows cell phone customers to resell their unused credits turning customers into salespeople.

For each 1, pesos sold, the 'merchant' receives a pesos commission. Grameen Phone, Bangladesh's leading cell phone operator, has offered a special low-priced package to so-called 'phone ladies' in small villages, where fixed telephone lines are non-existent.

The phone ladies share their cell phones with other villagers at a few takas a call. Micro financing institutions MFI which are making huge profits by creating markets for the poor by providing loans for micro-venture enterprises are also a Sachet Strategy in a sense.

Interest-free microfinance is another way when you actually play a VC in a sachet strategy—yes to a budding entrepreneur in rural areas.FortiFlora Feline Probiotics – Cheap FortiFlora for Cats. Supplementation Of Infant Formula With Probiotics Drug Sachet Study abnormal cells are found in the wall of colon and colon cancer in this stage is also colon cancer reoccurs after treatment and the recurrent persistent abdominal discomfort vague pain or bloating; loose stool the presence of blood or mucus in stool; repeated Your.

Nov 20,  · sachet marketing strategy SBI Focused Equity Fund: Fund review In the past three months, midcap stocks have fallen in the range of %, while the Sensex has been rangebound. Sachet Marketing – the Best Strategy? recently posted a good piece on Sachet Marketing, a BOP strategy already being used successfully to sell a variety of consumer products ranging from soap to cell phone minutes.

We find that sachet marketing strategy does not necessitate the prevalence of poverty, and the critical success factors are an extensive retail distribution, favourable socio-cultural factors, higher perceived .

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Sachet marketing

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