Response.write a new line

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Response.write a new line

response.write a new line

The string to write to the HTTP output stream. The HtmlEncode method strips any malicious script and invalid characters that may have been submitted in the UserName input field.

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Malicious script that is embedded in input submitted to a Web site and later written back out to a client can appear to be originating from a trusted source. This security risk is referred to as a cross-site scripting attack.

You should always validate data that is received from a client when it will be transmitted from your site to client browsers. Moreover, whenever you write out as HTML any data that was received as input, you should encode it using a technique such as HtmlEncode or UrlEncode to prevent malicious script from executing.

This technique is useful for data that was not validated when it was received. When you encode or filter data, you must specify a character set for your Web pages so that your filter can identify and remove any byte sequences that do not belong to that set such as nonalphanumeric sequences and could potentially have malicious script embedded in them.The HTML one will render as line breaks for the person viewing the page, the \n just drops the text to the next line in the source (if it's on an HTML page).

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response.write a new line

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The result is the same. Last Updated: April 30, Here's 14 years worth of jumbled C# recipes and notes arranged randomly in a stream of consciousness mode. Some methods are superseded by functionality beyond C# I'm new to and I'm trying to write a program that receives http requests and forwards the contents through a socket.

At the other end of the socket is a paging system that needs messages terminated with a new line character. Method ( | Microsoft Docs