Puppy mill research paper

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Puppy mill research paper

Spent time with two great couples. One I had met last year. I was at Aqua for Dueling Bartenders.

Puppy mill research paper

I was sitting alone at a small table. All of a sudden Tom and Clare Keller appeared. Took me a few seconds. We had met last year.

Tom and Clare new residents to Key West. Closed on a condominium in January.

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Time to enjoy and play. Tom is a former Washington DC attorney. We have a mutual friend. He knows her much better than I. Former Ambassador Amy Bondourant.

An Ambassador under Clinton and Bush 2. Amy and her husband relocated from Paris to Key West last year. Tom and Amy were law partners in Washington.

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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews, Ratings and Analysis Comment on puppy mills, factory farms, human cruelty October 5th, at The issue is cruelty for profit.
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Why Should we Care? My dogs have some of the best facilities in the area.

Tom and Clare two new friends. The other couple Kristina and John. I had not intended. However, my stomach was growling. Enjoyed my diet prime rib. Sitting at the bar next to me were Kristina and John. A vacationing couple from Mays Landing, New Jersey.

A very enjoyable couple. We talked of many things. From the beauty of Jersey beaches and their bikini clad women to whatever. Both at with the FAA. Kristina a research manager with drones. John not at liberty to tell me what he did. They return home this morning. Now back to Aqua and Dueling bartenders.

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The ‘Horrible Hundred’ Report Released to Shine Light on Worst Puppy Mills.

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