Personnel administration

The Human Resource Division is a team of dedicated, accountable, progressive professionals who are committed to fostering a work environment that provides open communication, innovative ideas and solutions for meeting the ever changing needs of the customer. To partner with our customers by providing guidance, resources and leadership which will assist in meeting objectives. Provide for personnel hearings, support to the compensation commission, establish, administer and promulgate reasonable rules for personnel classification systems, compensation plans, applicant selection and recruitment systems, and performance appraisal systems.

Personnel administration

What is Personnel Administration? Employees form the core and the backbone of any organization and public organizations are no different.

Personnel administration

According to authors William Mosher Personnel administration J. Donald Kingsley, the key to better governance lies in effective personnel management. For effective personnel administration there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled like: Highly qualified workforce of civil servants Fair and equitable wages Work conditions to be decided taking the employee choices and needs in consideration Establishing the prestige of civil service employment Classification is the first step in personnel management wherein similar kinds of Personnel administration are grouped together based on their duties and responsibilities.

A formal classification plan shows all the classes with each existing job and position suitably placed with respect to each other in an orderly manner. This in turn is supplemented by rules, regulations for their administration, interpretation and amendment.

The second step becomes position classification which explains the individual position of that role within the public administration machinery. It also defines the duties and responsibilities for which the individual holding the position shall be accountable for.

The third step is the process of recruitment. Recruitment in government organization is all about finding the right people for the right job. It involves having good public relations, employment campaigns and effective systems of selection of the people.

The next step is the training. Training develops skills and habits and also develops the requisite mental attitude and morale of the civil servants.

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Training helps the civil servants to carry out their day to day job related transactions with precision, adapt to the changing socio-economic needs, and understand the larger and broader picture of administration and also to make their job interesting and be able to take newer responsibilities.

Next comes, the promotion or the increase in rank or status. It is essential that the employees are provided with timely promotion to develop their talent and increase their morale and motivation levels. While the process means increase in pay grade and responsibilities for the employees, the same process allows the management to select and pick the best suitable person from an available pool to fulfill higher responsibilities.

The last step is the pay and service of the civil servants. The salary scales of civil servants are based on several factors like: One of the oldest problems that plague the personnel administration in all countries is the liberal seepage of politics in all its aspects.

Despite of the attempts of the scholars to separate politics and administration, the divorce exists only in textbooks and on paper.

The personnel administration of the public organization has emerged as a triumph of technique over purpose.Tacoma Municipal Code (Revised 7/) City Clerk’s Office. Chapter Donations, Devises, or Bequests About the State of Wyoming Administration and Information Human Resources Division. Nominations & Appointments President Donald J.

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to a Key Administration Post. The Higher Education Administration (HIED) program prepares students for careers as highly affective higher education administrators and staff professionals.

The coursework prepares students for the varied challenges facing two-year, four-year, and graduate institutions today and in the future.

Personnel administration

Quick View Personnel Administration Inquirer Personnel Administration Processor Personnel Administration Supervisor Personnel Administration Inquirer. The Personnel Administration dept/Human Resources management dept has the responsibility to encouraging and supporting in reviewing and re-assessing their goals and activities as well as to provide valuable feedback and learning activities or resources and can contribute significantly to the staff member's career development by supporting career development activities within the department.

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