Organisational culture of etisalat

Needless to mention that learning, to some extent, is linked to change. If people understand the reason they are being asked to make a change, they will be more prepared to drop Unlearn old methods that hardly vanish and adopt Relearn new ones. Why should you learn?

Organisational culture of etisalat

Why should you learn?

Why is it that in IT and communication companies, it is not uncommon to see the Vice President and his team of developers in jeans and flip-flops during the summertime? Make no mistake, it is not the imposition of the shirt-and-tie dresscode at other companies that eliminates the fun from the workplace.

Each company adopts its own organizational culture and will have its own cultural DNA. Every aspect you incorporate into your company reflects your culture and engages your employees… and because engaged employees are productive employees, your brand will certainly shine! Conversely, potential employees also hope to work in an organization that shares their beliefs and values!

Maintaining organizational culture The major challenge for any company is maintaining its healthy organizational culture.


Maintaining your organizational culture will increase the level of employee engagement. Better yet, if there is a real fit between the values of the company and those of its members, you will witness a significant increase in the overall level of job satisfaction.

And we all know that increasing job satisfaction reduces turnover! Our values, ethics, and even general work environment must be present and consistent every single day. Company culture must be non-sporadic in order to allow us to truly feel like we can be ourselves, After all, how would it be possible to engage and motivate employees if our overall vision is constantly changing?

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It can even be emerged and built from your team, rather than having it imposed on them by management. Culture needs to be integrated in a natural way to ensure everyone feels they are part of the process. Involve your employees, and you be surely rewarded.

The members of your organization must feel involved and embrace your cultural lifestyle.

Organisational culture of etisalat

It is essential for its success that everyone be moving in the same direction; hence the importance of continuously optimizing it using the whole team. Display the essence of your culture all over your walls, if necessary!

The same is true for those who are not in an organization that is right for them. Her organized and assertive personality ensures she is always determined to accomplish any project she undertakes her Atman test confirms!

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Creating an organisational culture that values data and uses it to make better decisions everyday; Developing strong data governance principles to ensure the accuracy and quality of insights; Etisalat Misr. Walid Mehanna.

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Volume 2 ♦ Issue 2 ♦ December 96 The Organisational Structure of Telecommunications Companies Case study: The OTE Group Madelaine Pepenel. Alkesh Kumar Sharma, CEO, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Limited. Organizational culture of Etisalat The culture of Etisalat is very similar to the culture of the UAE where here and there we can find a diversity of people.

The culture of UAE is reflected on the culture of Etisalat because the same diversity of employees is set to provide communication services to the same diversity of citizens and expatriates. Such .

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