Japan business report

At the end of the seventh century, a delegation from Japan requested that Nihon be used as the name of their country. This name may have its origin in a letter sent in and recorded in the official history of the Sui dynasty.

Japan business report

Includes what a company needs to know to take advantage of e-commerce in the local market andreputable, prominent B2B websites. The growth rate has become stable over the past few years, with annual growth estimated at 9. With Internet penetration estimated at Highly developed distribution infrastructure and small country size make delivery easy and convenient.

japan business report

Market growth is expected to be steady for the foreseeable future. Sales of goods account for In this category, clothing items hold the first place. The market size has grown by 7. Food and beverage sales are continuing to grow steadily, as well.

Service accounts for The most popular trend in this section involves travel. Travel service has grown Food and beverage service was fourth and has a high potential.

These can be seen from the online reservation and rating system. However, there are problems with unnotified cancellations and not being able to apply reservation systems into fast food stores. Digital accounts for The most popular trend was online gaming.

Since online games are not only popular in Japan but also in other Asian countries, there will be continuous demand.

japan business report

E-books were the second highest digital ecommerce expenditure. The dissemination of smartphones contributes to the growth of both online game and E-books sales. Spending Holidays Japan consistently has higher online spending in the summer months when Japanese firms are known to give yearly summer bonuses.

The major ecommerce companies in Japan include:Secrets of Japanese business culture. Japanese business culture is one of the most misunderstood aspects of doing business in Japan, so maybe it’s not surprising that hundreds of thousands of people have browsed this Japanese business culture section since it first went online over a decade ago in Business Aug 10, Japan farm exports hit record high in January-June period.

Japan's exports of agricultural, forestry and fishery products in the January-June period hit a record high for the sixth consecutive year, thanks to the popularity of Japanese cuisine mainly in Asia, the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry said Friday.

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