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Engins essay

The shadow of Curiosity and Aeolis Mons "Mount Sharp" The general analysis strategy begins with high resolution cameras to look for features of interest. If a particular surface is of interest, Curiosity can vaporize a small portion of it with an infrared laser and examine the resulting spectra signature to query the rock's elemental composition.

If that signature intrigues, the rover will use its long arm to swing over a microscope and an X-ray spectrometer to take a closer look. If the specimen warrants further analysis, Curiosity can drill into the boulder and deliver a powdered sample to either the SAM or the CheMin analytical laboratories inside the rover.

This device can irradiate samples with alpha particles and map the spectra of X-rays that are re-emitted for determining the elemental composition of samples. CheMin is short for 'Chemistry and Mineralogy', and it is an X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence analyzer.

The SAM instrument suite will analyze organics and gases from both atmospheric and solid samples. This instrument was the first of ten MSL instruments to be turned on. Both en route and on the planet's surface, it will characterize the broad spectrum of radiation encountered in the Martian environment.

Turned on after launch, it recorded several radiation spikes caused by the Sun. A pulsed neutron source and detector for measuring hydrogen or ice and water at or near the Martian surface. Meteorological package and an ultraviolet sensor provided by Spain and Finland. Curiosity has seventeen cameras overall.

This system provides multiple spectra and true-color imaging with two cameras. This system consists of a camera mounted to a robotic arm on the rover, used to acquire microscopic images of rock and soil.

It has white and ultraviolet LEDs for illumination. ChemCam is a suite of remote sensing instruments, including the first laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy LIBS system to be used for planetary science, and Curiosity's fifth science camera, the remote micro-imager RMI.

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Images were taken 4 times per second, starting shortly before heatshield separation at 3. This provided engineering information about both the motion of the rover during the descent process, and science information about the terrain immediately surrounding the rover. There are 12 additional cameras that support mobility: Hazard avoidance cameras Hazcams: The rover has a pair of black and white navigation cameras Hazcams located on each of its four corners.

Engins essay

The rover uses two pairs of black and white navigation cameras mounted on the mast to support ground navigation. History[ edit ] MSL's cruise stage on Earth NASA called for proposals for the rover's scientific instruments in April[80] and eight proposals were selected on December 14 of that year.

In the attempts to meet the launch date, several instruments and a cache for samples were removed and other instruments and cameras were simplified to simplify testing and integration of the rover.

The name had been submitted in an essay contest by Clara Ma, a then sixth-grader from Kansas. We have become explorers and scientists with our need to ask questions and to wonder. Six senior members of the Curiosity team presented a news conference a few hours after landing, they were: A primary goal when selecting the landing site was to identify a particular geologic environment, or set of environments, that would support microbial life.

Planners looked for a site that could contribute to a wide variety of possible science objectives. They preferred a landing site with both morphologic and mineralogical evidence for past water. Furthermore, a site with spectra indicating multiple hydrated minerals was preferred; clay minerals and sulfate salts would constitute a rich site.

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Hematiteother iron oxidessulfate minerals, silicate mineralssilicaand possibly chloride minerals were suggested as possible substrates for fossil preservation. Indeed, all are known to facilitate the preservation of fossil morphologies and molecules on Earth.Best Online Universities, LLC.

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Engins essay

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