Business 220

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Business 220

Information Systems Class Descriptions and Credit Information INF Computer Literacy 3 Credits Students will use operating system software, the Internet, and productivity software word processing, spreadsheet, Business 220 graphics, etc.

Students will use the library and Web resources to research a topic, word process their findings, and create a visual presentation to communicate to the class. This course presents information systems principles and examines how they form an integral part of modern organizations.

Topics include systems concepts; organizational processes; technological aspects of information systems; Internet applications; IT security; database management; systems development life cycle; and ethical and social responsibility issues. INF or permission of instructor.

INF Programming Concepts 3 Credits This course is an introduction to computer programming with focus on the program development process and concepts involved in use of a higher- level, object-oriented programming language.

In this hands-on, virtual lab-based course, students will analyze, design, code, and test computer programs using the JAVA programming language. Different programming language designs will be explored including building web elements, mobile applications, computer programs, and commands to different machines.

Business 220

Computer hardware and associated technologies are discussed. Students will acquire hands-on experience in the programming process. INF Database Management Systems 3 Credits This hands-on, virtual lab-based course introduces students to fundamentals of database management systems, techniques for the design of databases, and principles of database administration.

Database management concepts, practices, and emerging trends are evaluated. INF and fulfillment of the Quantitative Reasoning core competency.

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INF or permission of the instructor. INF Project Procurement Management 3 Credits Designed to develop the basic knowledge base of project managers and project procurement managers, this course emphasizes partnering between buyers and sellers to create a single culture with one set of goals and objectives.

Students will discover the key areas in procuring outside services and products—from the initial decision to buy through final contract closeout.

They will recognize what must be done for success in the six key project procurement management processes: They will also formulate the make-or-buy decision, prepare an effective procurement management plan to guide the team, and use outsourcing for maximum benefit.

Lessons and best practices from procurement theory and experience are also presented. This course can be used as a substitute for BUS Students will determine how best to plan the execution of a project scope, to consider stakeholder budget and schedule constraints, to use different methodologies, and to establish the performance measurement baseline.

They will also discover keys to identify potential cost and schedule overruns and master the tools and techniques to compare actual work accomplished against established plans, as well as work accomplished against actual expenditures. By identifying early warning indicators, students will gain greater insight into potential risk areas and take the necessary corrective action to keep the project in control.

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INF Business Systems Analysis 3 Credits This course is a study of the business systems analysis and development processes for information systems in organizations.

The course is focused on information concepts and methodologies associated with the development of business information systems, and their effective application in solving business problems.Nov 15,  · Battleship summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links.

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