Book report small white scar

Lots of small units that I should get through easily, but a lot of big threats and a lot of psychic powers.

Book report small white scar

This is the one where you draw three cards per turn and the game ends when the first player scores 10 cards or the roll off for turn 5 onwards as normal.

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We set up the objectives as shown below: We rolled for deployment zone and got Spearhead. Bert chose his side and I started deploying first.

We deployed as shown below: I deployed the Scouts in a forward screen to block the Flamers of Tzeentch from coming in close to my back lines.

Book report small white scar

The rest of my force spread out to block deep strikers, the Thunderfire Cannon at the back, with the Devastators and Tactical Squads in front of it.

The two Devastator Squads went with the Ancient to give me some alpha-strike protection. Bert deployed a unit of Horrors at the back to block my Deep strikers.

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The rest of the squad went forward, spread out over the deployment zone. The three Daemonette units went in the centre, flanked by the Horrors and Screamers.

The Daemon lines moved up, the Daemonettes leading the charge. The Screamers on the right flank sped over the Scouts, killing one as they passed over the squad. On the right flank, the Screamer unit advanced, but failed to damage the other Scout unit.

In the psychic phase, the Daemon Prince tried to cast Boon of Change, but failed to manifest the power. The Lord of Change launched a Bolt of Change at the Scouts, but his patron deity failed him as he also failed to manifest the power.

He then tried to cast Infernal Gateway on the Scouts, but also failed to cast it. One of the Exalted Flamers cast Smite, killing two of the Scouts. A Fluxmaster also cast Smite, scoring three wounds and wiping out the unit on the left flank.

The shooting phase started with an Exalted Flamer firing on the Scouts on the right flank, scoring 6 hits and 6 wounds and wiping out the unit. In the centre, another Exalted Flamer fired at the Scouts, also wiping out the unit.

Book report small white scar

In the charge phase, the Screamers on the right flank assaulted the Tactical Squad in the ruins. The Daemons struck at the White Scars, killing two of the Squad.

The Tactical Marines attacked back, but failed to do any damage.Battle Report Ambush! White Scars vs Tyranids For this week's battle report, I was playing my White Scars against Bert's Tyranids in the Ambush scenario.

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I would be the defender, trying to push my White Scars convoy through the Tyranid lines. Lots of small units that I should get through easily, but a lot of big threats and a lot of.

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St Andrews wargaming: Battle Report pts White Scars vs Chaos Daemons