A summary of thomas hines essay whats in a package

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A summary of thomas hines essay whats in a package

In June he began writing a biweekly column on art museum exhibitions for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

A summary of thomas hines essay whats in a package

From untilhe was the architecture and design critic for the Inquirer, where he wrote a weekly column, "Surroundings," and numerous other articles on planning, preservation, and other environmental and aesthetic issues. In andhe was a Ford Foundation fellow, travelling in Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the Soviet Union and elsewhere to study the impact of rapid political change on architecture and planning.

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He also was an adviser to the Orange County Museum of Art on its touring exhibition Birth of the Cool and wrote an essay for its hignly-praised, award-winning catalogue. He also wrote one of the essays in its catalogue. He worked with the National Building Museum on On the Job, a exhibition and catalogue about offices, and with the Fairmount Park Art Association on its New LandMarks exhibition and catalogue, which explored a new approach to public art.

A Century of Change His task was to consider what still images, moving pictures, music, and sounds have become familiar quotations in our multimedia culture. He has taught courses at both the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University.

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He wrote and narrated a series of short programs on architecture for WHYY public television in Philadelphia, and did two programs on design for New Jersey Network. In other television appearances, he discussed packaging on the Today show, and spoke on Entertainment Tonight about the meaning of stereophonic sound.

He was born in suburban Boston, grew up in Connecticut, and graduated from Yale. He has lived in Philadelphia since Criticism Biweekly column on art museum exhibitions in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer.Thomas Hine’s essay “What’s in a Package” deals with packages that not only contain our products, but also the way we package ourselves as people, and how it varies around the world.

It brings to light that over time our national shopping experience has become a place filled with endless ar.

The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager

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In this wise survey, Philadelphia Inquirer design critic Hine (Populuxe) describes and decodes the history and effects of packages, ``an inescapable part of modern life.'' He reflects on packages in n.

A summary of thomas hines essay whats in a package

Here is an excerpt from the first chapter, "The Teenage Mystique" America created the teenager in its own image--brash, unfinished, ebullient, idealistic, crude, energetic, innocent, greedy, changing in all sorts of unsettling ways. In the essay “What’s in a Package?”, Thomas Hine expressed that packaging is the most crucial final payoff to a marketing campaign for manufacturers.

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Customers judge a merchandise mostly by its exterior. According to former architecture and design critic Thomas Hine, author of “What’s In a Package,” the “advertisement (is what) leads (the) consumer into temptation.” Then, once the consumer goes to shop, it is the brilliantly designed packaging that closes the deal.


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